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RE: WNNW-AM 1110 on air at night again

Dave, Gang,

Obviously, many, many stations seem to get away with these and other basic
violations (No IDs, etc) as the FCC is far overwrought from a shortage of
staff and funding. I personally have been directed by my powers that be to
go into the daytime mode at an AM station while running High School Football
games and other special events after sunset to make a buck or two to keep
the sponsors happy. We were hurting for cash, but we surely would of went
under with a hefty fine too. This offense drew no complaints that we were
aware of from co-channel stations, most all of which were under 250 watts
night power, which is the low threshold for warranting nighttime coverage
contour protection. I ID'd heavily in the secret hopes of feeding the DX
community with bait.... This was on a Mexican Clear Channel, where the
dominant station has been running only 20,000 of the possible 150,000 or
more watts and our output was 5kw. 

Ron Gitschier
Jacksonville, FL

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> Riddle me this Batman...If we all know something is not right in Toontown
> (Costa-Eagle) how come they get away with fulltime and full power
> violations?
> df