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Pictures of WJIB-74 studios

I'm curious as to what WJIB's studios look like....I've always been a
sucker for glimpses of the rooms where my fave. radio shows come from
and any radio station that has pictures of their studios on their
homepages - that's the first link I always hit first. 

I don't know if WJIB has/will ever have a website...but if anyone has ever
had the opportunity to take pics and scan them, I'd LOVE to see what the
place looks like on the inside.

I don't know if Bob ever shows people around, but if I'm up there someday
and Bob has the time, it would be awesome if he did take me on a tour. :)

Keep on truckin' dude...I try to listen everytime I'm in that area (which
isn't often and is usually on a weekend when the paid programming is on).

Sven F. Weil
email: sven@gordsven.com
WWW homepage: http://www.gordsven.com/sven