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Re: Did "Lovebug" strike the list?

Due to my own stupidity, my PC at work was one of the ones affected by
the Lovebug worm (aka virus). I received two messages, allegedly from the
president of the company, that claimed to contain information about the
virus. McAfee (which we use at work; I use Norton at home) opened a dialog
box that warned of a suspected virus in the attachment and asked if I wanted
to clean the attachment before opening it. I responded YES. I then opened
the attachment. A quick scan using a batch file that IT had furnished
that my PC had been infected. As soon as I attempted to clean the first of
more than 300 infected files from my C: drive, I discovered that McAfee
clean files affected by this worm. You must delete them. Moreover, to detect
most of the infected files, you must tell McAfee to scan ALL files (not just
executables), and of course, you must have the virus data files dated
5/3/2000 or later. As you can imagine, the scanning and cleaning activity
consumed most of a day.

These worms are very insidious because the carrier messages come from
individuals you normally trust. And in my case, I stupidly assumed that the
company president was providing information about the virus attack that
supplemented the many messages we had received from IT.