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Re: did love bug nail the list?

In a message dated 05/06/2000 4:30:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
kvahey@mediaone.net writes:

<< Haven't seen a message on this list since the lovebug hit....... >>


    might be that most of the members of our esteemed group that use Outlook 
have decided to safe than sorry.  myself, i'm glad that i use the aol mail 
program.  their server does all the work for us.
   for those who may have suffered ill effects from this malicous act, my 
hopes are with you in getting things back together.  especially being a media 
based newsgroup, there are more than a few of us who have some rather fond 
sound files somewhere on the hard drive, and one of the reported affects was 
the eating of video/audio files.

- -Chuck Igo