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I just don't see the market for Univision on WNDS

WUNI is a pretty powerful over-the-air station and is carried on virtually
every cable system that would carry WNDS.

It would be a big mistake, IMHO.

(OTOH, if they're bought by the OTHER major hispanic broadcaster, Telemundo
that has puny Ch 32 in Boston, that might make "some" sense.

-Paul Hopfgarten
Derry, Nuevo Hampshire

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> On 4/28/00 9:18 PM, Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:
> > So WNDS is getting sold again? It was a shame to see that
> station go down
> > the toilet the first time when it was quasi-sold to the
> home-shopping folks;
> > they never seemed to regain their stride after that, even after
> they added
> > their news programming.
> And after my suggestion to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette got WNDS
> Derry added to their TV listings!
> If WNDS changes to Unvision, I guess there will be an extra channel
> available on most cable systems in eastern Massachusetts, as there would
> be no reason to carry both WNDS and WUNI Worcester.
> Paul