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Re: Today's LTAR; Mary Ellen Burns re-visited

>Steve wrote--
>Wasn't it Uncle Ricky's ReelRadio site that was served the C&D on the Stern
>aircheck?  I thought I remembered reading something to that effect there
>maybe 6 months ago.  It was an aircheck off one of the New York stations he
>was on.

That was what I meant.  And yes, he was the one who was "Cease and 
Desisted" by CBS.  How rude.  I thought he had an old WRNW aircheck from 
back when Howard and I were on the air in Briarcliff Manor and neither of 
us was famous...

Btw, another topic-- I heard Mary Ellen Burns doing  news on WBZ Radio 
several mornings ago (around 10.30 AM she did an actuality)-- has she been 
hired as a morning or mid day reporter, does anyone know?