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Fuzzball swept out at WJYY

Fuzzball's stint as morning host at WJYY (105.5 Concord NH) was a very
short one.  Early last week the station's web site still teased that
Fuzzball was coming, but he'd already been there and gone.  I checked
out his show a couple times and was surprised by how bland it was.  I
was astonished by how little energy the man projected for a morning
host.  One of my co-workers (non-radio) remarked that Fuzzball sounded
like he should be on in the afternoon.

Fuzzball started on 'JYY April 3, a week later than originally promoted,
and sometime during what was supposed to be his 3rd week the
aforementioned co-worker brought to my attention the fact that he was no
longer there.  Last week I heard Judy Pancoast on her own Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday, and teamed up with Johnny D on Tuesday and
Thursday.  On Wednesday there seemed to be someone named Wendy on the
air before 7 o'clock.  My favorite part was around 6:50, after a clumsy
attempt to get a listener on the air, when the mike was left on while
the music rolled so we could hear Wendy explain to whoever else was in
the studio how she had hit the wrong button.  After the 7 o'clock news,
though, it was definitely Judy in the host's seat.  I began to wonder if
I had only dreamed of hearing this Wendy--I had been listening in bed,
after all.  Later that morning, though, Judy gave a "now let's check in
with Jim Clark [sp.?] for the forecast" intro and sure enough the
recorded weather began "Wendy, it'll be..."  Aha!

The WJYY web site now says "We're still looking for that killer morning
show...in the meantime, Judy Pancoast, Tommy D, and Big Bob Payne are
all taking turns filling in."