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RE: Freedom of the Press?

So, who's going to mind the store Friday on Central Street in Lowell as our
friends appear at the panel?

Ron Gitschier
High Seas...
We're wid ya gents!

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> From:	Bill O'Neill [SMTP:billo@erols.com]
> Subject:	Freedom of the Press?
> Dave Faneuf can certainly speak better to this, (although may opt not
> to at this juncture) but he confirmed this morning on WCAP News that
> the City of Lowell legal dept. has moved initiate a subpoena of WCAP's
> N/D Dave Faneuf, PM anchor Lou Wannemacher and station owner Maurice
> Cohen to appear on Friday before the state Ethic's Commission to
> reveal it's source in a story involving the Lowell Police Dept.  That,
> on the heels of those subpoenaed reserving their rights under the US
> Const.not to do so when approached at the station.  This should get
> interesting.  The press tends to put aside competitive pressures and
> pull together at times like this.   <snip> 
> Bill O'Neill