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Tower lighting

> As our exteemed list partner the Good Mr. Bittner pointed out to me, yes
> indeed, the four towers of PJB 800khz, Trans World Radio form a rectangle.
> The distances between the east-west-erly tower azimuths seem to be shorter
> spaced as compared to the pair of towers on a North-South-erly direction
> (undoubtedtly a descriptive faux-pax due to too much island cheer or
> massive
> dosage of RF...). Just verified that for myself via a moonlit bike hike
> down
> to the southern tip of the island to the site. Unfortunately, no one was
> manning the station, just a gate guard and power plant operator was there
> to
> greet me. My clue should of been no one was answering the phone...  ahh,
> automation. What happened to the good old days with engineers handcuffed
> to
> the transmitter cabinets? They're long gone, chum, long gone....
> Now l'm going to go outside the ship and see if I can pull in the mighty
> 800
> WCCM once I figure how to null this powerhouse from about 7 to 10 miles
> away. lol....
> Incidentially, about 20% or so of their beacon lights are extinguished.
> BTW, not
> a single strobe was seen on the Island of Bonaire tonight...
> Ron Gitschier
> Bonaire, N.A.