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Re: check out...

Well, the article certainly captures the essence of 
Donna. I doubt that anybody's ever accused her of being 
a woman of few words--which is OK; words are her 
business. If you've ever observed Donna behind a 
microphone, you can sense the kick she gets out of it. 
She can feel just plain rotten, as all of us do from 
time to time, and if she sits down behind a mike and the 
ON AIR light goes on, she becomes almost a different 
person--smiling, excited, animated... eyes glowing, like 
a kid in a candy store. She puts about 10,000% into 
whatever she's discussing.

I'll bet the writer used a tape recorder. So now we know-
-Donna doesn't get wound up only for microphones 
connected to broadcast transmitters; she responds the 
same way if the mike is connected to a tape recorder.
> the story at
> http://www.radiodigest.com/columns_women/2000/wom_042100_graham_1.phtml
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