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Re: Lawrence Expanded Band

The 1620, and 1640 station has been on the air for at
least two years now, I always find them there when I
check from River Rd in Andover (3/4 mile from I-93 &
the Merrimack River where I work).

The drifting 1680-1690-1700 station has been off for
quite a while, they were being simulcast by the 99.9FM
Lawrence station (not licensed and now of air for

1660 usually turns out to be the SS station in New
Jersey, that I can usually here except from about 10-2
every day. 

I usually update this list about every 4-6 months of
their activity.

Derry NH

--- Jim <aerie@mediaone.net> wrote:
> Not on exactly the same subject....but I was driving
> a car that has a radio
> with the expanded band on 495 past Lawrence on
> Sunday, and heard 4 Spanish
> language stations on 1620, 1640, 1660, and 1690 kHz.
> Two were religious, and
> two were playing music.  They were not on the air
> when I went past the same
> area on Monday, however.

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