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Re: WNNW-AM 1110 on at night 4/19

I thought WNNW had a four-tower array. WNNW has always clobbered WADN/WBNW
as you drive east along 128/95 past about Woburn or as you drive north on
Middlesex Turnpike or Route 3 and you approach the Burlington/Billerica
line. 1120's day pattern has a very deep null at about 20 degrees
(north-northwest) to protect WNNW. The stations are only 20 miles apart!
Still, I kinda doubt that WNNW's array is in adjustment. For the past week
or so, 1120 seems to have actually been switching to its night facilities
sometime close to sunset! I think someone there must get an attack of
conscience every three or four months. Rarely lasts very long though. OTOH,
WPRX is much less in evidence than it used to be. I have a feeling that WPRX
was not operating legally at night for quite an extended period but is legal

Anyone who reads DX News and who used to listen (or who tried to listen) to
WQEW when it mattered must have gotten quite a kick out of the recounting of
the WRHC saga. A station that operated on the WRONG FREQENCY for over three
years!--After the FCC warned them!!


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>Has anyone noticed how STRONG this station (WNNW) comes in (daytime) around
>Woburn?   A real dog-fight with 1120 WBNW in Woburn.  Hash on each signal.
>LAst I knew, WNNW is highly directional NORTH, from Salem NH, with a small
>circle somewhat reaching Lawrence.     3-towers, from what I hear;  never
>seen 'em though.