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Re: WNNW-AM 1110 on at night 4/19

    Laurence from Methuen wrote:

> Last summer, I reported that WNNW-AM 1110, Salem, NH
> was broadcasting (ie regular programming not just 
> carrier frequency) for an hour and a half after local
> sunset AND on occasion keeping its carrier on all
> night.  This ceased after EST returned.  Well last
> night (April 19th) the station was on the air with
> recordings, announcers and CNN News (Say Ennay Ennay
> Noticias) until I went to bed at 11:00.  

 Just checked in about 9:20PM,after reading this post,and they are off the
air,as they legally should be at this time of night.Maybe the night jock
called in sick??? <g>

 Mark Watson