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RE: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

Canobie Lake Park is in Salem, NH, not far from the MA/NH line, and I'm
guessing but since the COL of WQSX is Lawrence, that it might be at or near
city-grade signal stregnth. We're talking about 93.7 - their Transmitter is
generally located in western Peabody near the juncture of the newer stretch
I-95 where it parallels US 1 (near 144?).

Haven't been home in so long... miss the place...

Ron Gitschier
Bonaire, Netherland Antillies

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> I live in Hampden County but I know Boston Radio very well. I suppose
> that WQSX (star 93.7) would not be a very good match because its
> transmiter site is on the Prudential Center, which does not reach Canobie
> Lake Park (at least I think) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where Canobie
> Lake Park is located i think. I also think that they could possibly get a
> new frequency to put their radio station on, but they would have a lot of
> competition from 103.3 and 105.7.