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Re: WRKO on a 50kW FM station?!?

Well, the two most "obvious" (based on format) are WODS and WROR, but since
neither is owned by Entercom, we can forget those two. I guess it will be
93.7 (aren't the calls du jour WQSX?). Somehow, I can't see even a weekend
of this kind of oldies programming on WAAF. Also, isn't Canobie Lake in NH?
93.7 has a pretty good signal in southern NH. And so does WRKO. I guess it
kinda fits.

You don't suppose that Entercom is thinking of yet another format flip for
93.7? The market's _third_ oldies station? Naah. I guess the idea is to blur
the distinction between disco and oldies in an attempt to attract some of
the oldies audience to 93.7.


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