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Re: A commercial on WJIB!

TC Cheever wrote:

> If memory serves (having had a TRS-80 Model III in a long ago & distant
> life) the TRS-80 used the 5-inch disks. The larger disks (which were
> actually 8 inches, I think, not 10) were used on a lot of
> phototypesetting machines in the mid-70's (Varityper, Compugraphic, etc)
> and since those were used in printing & publishing, maybe that's what's
> in the window. The Varityper Comp/Edit machine looked a lot like a
> desktop computer.

The TRS-80 Models 2, 12, 16, and 6000 all used 8" disks. The TRS-80 Models
1, 3, and 4 all used 5 1/4" disks. Isaac Asimov used a Model 2, so they were
8" disks.

Matthew Reed
http://www.arrowweb.com/mkr (TRS-80 emulators)