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Re: A commercial on WJIB!

On 18 Apr 2000,  Marc Lemay wrote:

> I believe we at WLYT received our pagers on trade because of the fact that
> the pager co. rented space on our tower.
> We traded with a local bakery on WHAV for the morning b-day cake that we
> gave away...we, er um, the birthday person, got the cake.  The bakery
> received mentions up until the cake was given away.
My favorite trade story appears in Isaac Asimov's autobiography.  Seems 
Radio Shack approached him and offered to give him a free TRS-80 computer, 
install it, etc.  He was happy typing on Selectrics and wasn't 
particularly interested in having a computer, but they offered to install 
it for him for free, too.  What they asked of him was that, if he decided 
he liked it, he would appear in ads endorsing the product.  He found he 
did like it, and he did appear in some product ads for Radio Shack.

And well into the 386/486 era, he was still happily using his TRS-80, 
right up until his declining health forced him to stop writing.  I think 
the computer was actually placed on display somewhere as "Isaac Asimov's 
Computer" after he died.

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