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RE: A commercial on WJIB!

Trades.... The station I worked for WYHI, now WGSR (1570 Mexican Clear Ch.
in Fernandina Beach, FL) reolcated their studios to a beachfront tourist
mini-mall (bay windows overlooking a restaurant/cafe. The name of the
complex is worked into the TOH ID and spots are aired on a regular basis for
the joint... The restraunt owner cuts the GM a Check for the spots which
also happens to be the same amount the GM hands him for the rent. The new
prestigious location gets the studio out from the RF as we're (er, they're)
jumping from 5kw to 10kw NDA. 

We always had trades with the local printer (stationery, promo items) and
also the local newspaper (4" square ad month-long for 5 one-hour public
affaris-style issues oriented talk shows a month, hosted by the paper's
editor in PM drive). And with the previous owner we did what seemed like a
majority of trades in exchange for certificates for goods & services
auctioned off twice a week.

Ron Gitschier
missing those long hours behind the glass...

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> Subject:	Re: A commercial on WJIB!
> Come on, Joe. Of course! It's a tradeout. I've heard the spots
> occasionally
> for several years. Bob runs the spots; the landlord doesn't charge him
> quite
> as much rent.
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> From: A. Joseph Ross <lawyer@world.std.com>
> Subject: A commercial on WJIB!
> I heard it this afternoon!  An actual commercial on WJIB!  There was Bob's
> voice promoting Cambridge self-storage.  It sounds like this is the self-
> storage company that is in the same building as WJIB in Cambridge.  Are
> they the owners of the building and landlord of WJIB?  Did that have
> something to do with the ad?