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Re: Question about non-compete clauses

In a message dated 4/16/00 1:35:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
terry_wood@prodigy.net writes:

<< Gee Dan, I think that just by the reason they are there covering the
 politician, that they inadvertantly lobby them.
 Now, they are constituents as well as the rest of us, and I think we need to
 lobby them whenever we see one of them.....God knows their hard to find when
 they ain't running for office. >>

I think Dan is right on this one. When a reporter is on duty working, his/her 
job should come first. They should not be allowed to lobby for favors on 
their behalf; if they wish to do this, take an off-day and head up to the 
State Capitol and lobby on your own time. I just think there is a whole can 
of worms here which can be opened.

The press has an obligation, which is to be as objective as possible. By 
seeking favors, especially during working hours, from politicians, you are 
betraying the trust of the viewer or whoever else is seeing your work.