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RE: Teletype FX (Was Re: Some musings while travelling)

When I worked at 1570 WYHI Fernandina Beach, FL I used to run it under the
Florida Network News, a loop swiped from CKLW. The GM told me to have fun
with my shift, so I did just that. We probably the only station in the FL
Radio Network that had teletype sfx with the network news. Sometimes I used
it when I had ten more seconds or so I was "In the WYHI newsroom (no such
place) to wake up the FL Radio Network newsdog". We also had the only High
School Football broadcast that had subtle railroad track activity in the
background (fire trucks passing) -- there wasn't a railroad anywhere near
the high school... Had a five minute crowd noise loop I'd mix in when there
weren't enough rowdy spectators in the vicinity of our mics. It helped break
up the monotiny in the studio. The GM's game was to correctly Identify the
"added" sfx on the Monday Morning Drive show. 

Radio Wise Guy,

Ron Gitschier
Dutch Caribbean (revisited)
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> >jibguy wrote:
> >Anyone know if any station still uses the sound EFX of the old AP/UPI
> >"ticker".  The old familiar tap tap tap tap tap tap, as part of the
> station's
> >news intro, and or bed.?
>         WINS still uses it as a bed, same as always. It runs all the time
> when the anchor is on.