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Re: XTRA in LA

KXTA(XTRA Sports LA) AM 1150 boosted power to 56kw before the start of the Dodgers' 5-year run in 1998. Sister sports station XTRA AM 690/(XTRA Sports San Diego) also broadcasts the Dodgers and gets about the
same numbers in LA ratings book as does KXTA -- ~1.5
share. The Dodgers haven't been competitive in the last
8 years....Spanish-language broadcasts are heard on KWKW AM 1330...

In 1997, KABC chose not to renew the Dodgers rights after 23 years on the ABC-owned station. Jacor(Clear Channel) picked up the Dodgers games for a bargain-basement $10 million(5 years).....Anoter ABC-owned
station KTZN(former KMPC-AM) dropped the Angels after it became a Disney station in 1997(the games are now on KRLA-AM)....


Decker Media Consulting

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000 03:18:06    Kevin Vahey wrote:
>A little off the New England track Garrett and I apoligize for that, but can
>someone explain how XTRA in Los Angeles on 1150 snared the Dodgers?
>(actually KTRA) and have the Dodgers slipped that much that they are now on
>a 5 KW in Southern California?????
>This would be like the Yankees on WMCA, I don't get it....
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