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KTRA is using 50kw now. I think they might also be simulcasting over 77kw
XETRA Tijuana AM 690, but don't hold me to that. Shades of Alzheimers seem
to overtake me at times ;-)... But the KTRA 50kw is true. As you may be
aware, the FCC is allowing regional-powered stations traditionally emitting
5kw to go to 50kw if they can show that it doesn't interfere with co-channel
stations and adjacents... An example is the station I worked for WYHI (er,
now WGSR) 1570. We were 1kw pre-1980. Went to 5kw NDA days, now were about
to throw the switch for 10kw, NDA. Our engineering studies show that we can
easily go 50kw days and 25kw nights with a directional array placed to the
westerly direction of Jacksonville, FL. We no longer have to protect XERF
1570 in Cuidad Acuna, Mexico (Del Rio, TX) signal within the USA... we do
have to prevent our signal from interfering with XERF within Mexico...
Anyone under 250 watts aren't protected, so that doesn't leave many stations
at night in the US that we have to protect on 1570...

Ron Gitschier
Leeward Islands...

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> A little off the New England track Garrett and I apoligize for that, but
> can
> someone explain how XTRA in Los Angeles on 1150 snared the Dodgers?
> (actually KTRA) and have the Dodgers slipped that much that they are now
> on
> a 5 KW in Southern California?????
> This would be like the Yankees on WMCA, I don't get it....
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