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As I pointed out in an earlier message, with 50 kW-D, 
WCRN will send the equivalent of just under 2 kW toward 
WRYM. Even that seems like a lot; the current signal is 
equivalent to about 280W. WCRN's 0.25 mV/m contour is 
not supposed to overlap WRYM's 0.5 mV/m. The signal 
toward Springfield will be greater, but still not huge.

> Actually, it really couldn't. Because of WRYM on 840 in New Britian which
> has a listenable signal in Springfield, so I can imagine they're strong
> enough to blow away 830's signal down in Hartford, some 20 miles closer to
> the transmitter.
> --MIKE
> >
> > And 830 could have a solid reach even into Springfield during the day and
> > possibly reach down toward Hartford