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Re: Rant About LPFM

<< There is another reason for the NAB's opposition to Eureka 147. It would
completely disrupt the status quo. Under E-147, many strations share a
single carrier.  >>

Yup. The thought of everybody being on a level technical playing field was
just too much for for the éminence grises of the broadcasting industry to
cope with! They "invented" IBOC on a paper napkin so that they could have it
both ways: digital and disparity in one neat concept. Trouble is, ten years
and four or five overhauls later it still isn't ready for prime time. If
they wait another five years, it may be too late. By then, people's
listening habits may have become inexorably tied to the new delivery systems
made possible by  inexpensive wireless wideband and S-DAR receivers built
into your pocket phone/pager/scheduler/browser/notepad/voice recorder/e-mail