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Re: WSMN plays same song 243 times!

At 01:47 PM 3/31/00 -0500, Dave Faneuf wrote:
>Reminds me of the weekend at the old WSSH in the mid 70's when they still
>had the duel "55's" cart stackers for commercials. One weekend it jammed
>and played the same spot for Lallas Buick all weekend.  No one caught it
>until Monday when Frank Messina looked at the printout of the log. 
>Arnold Lerner was not amused.

I'm sure there was a nasty memo posted for all the jocks on the AM who
never bothered to check WSSH over an entire weekend.

Those old cart-based automation systems were a real pain.  In the early-mid
90s we used an IGM 3-carousel system to automate overnights at WJYY.  The
threshold adjustment on the cue channel was very touchy...a bit too
sensitive and carts would recue at random, a tad the other way and carts
would never recue (though it always seemed to pick up the secondary tone &
muted the channel).  Many times, first one carousel, then another would
succomb to this.  We had an external cart machine with a legal ID and the
weather on it.  The AM drive jock would come in at 5 or so to find song, ID
& weather, dead air, ID & weather (once the weather cart recued), dead air,
song (once the 1 remaining carousel recued and advanced...no fast forward
on these...we had LOTS of 3:45 songs on 7:30 carts!