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Re: WSMN plays same song 243 times!

Dave Faneuf wrote:
> Reminds me of the weekend at the old WSSH in the mid 70's when they still
> had the duel "55's" cart stackers for commercials. One weekend it jammed
> and played the same spot for Lallas Buick all weekend.  No one caught it
> until Monday when Frank Messina looked at the printout of the log.
> Arnold Lerner was not amused.

...How could you tell?  (Couldn't resist.)

Another "Wish" story from 4 Bwy broom closet ... prior to "Easy Fav.
of Yest. & Today" was "Soft Hits on Wish 99 WSSH"  The tape for that
had a problem by cueing up after the "Sof"  ...  Yep. Heard it myself
and a tech told me the details. Couldn't make that one up.

Bill O'Neill