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Re: Heidi answers

I am almost certain nobody who was viewing the game live saw the ending,
for the same reasons. I can definitely guarantee you that nobody in NYC saw
it live because I was watching the game on WNBC-TV at home in Brooklyn, and
I unquestionably got Heidi-ed. :) There were two very sheepish cut-ins
later than night, one local and one national, apologizing very profusely,
and the ending WAS in fact aired later in NYC -- I believe it was after the
late news, though I'm not 100% certain of that.

At 11:39 PM 3/30/00 -0500, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>Trying to answer some of the questions concerning the Heidi game in 1968.
>First of all viewers in New England never were affected as NBC was feeding a
>Patriots game from Kansas City at the same time which was seen in its
>entirety and then Heidi began as scheduled.
>The problem WAS at WNBC where NBC BOC pulled the plug at 6:58 PM and of
>course the last 2 Oakland touchdowns were missed. NBC Sports had given the
>order to delay Heidi but the word never got to the AD on duty, and then
>because the telephone system at NBC was overloaded with angry calls, NBC
>execs living in Connecticut could not reach BOC to order the game back on.
>I have heard Curt Gowdy tell the story many times that after the game was
>over, he was asked to do the play by play over the remaining minutes that
>did not air which indicates to me that NOBODY anywhere saw the end "live".

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