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Question About The "New" Channel 66

I'm not sending this through my regular E-Mail server. To respond, reply
to: <notquite@hotmail.com>. Thanks!

With the change of Channel 66 from Home Shopping Network fare to a
full-fledged independent TV station, and since it's my understanding
that in addition to syndicated programs, they are also going to start-up
a few local programs other than local newscasts, I am asking a favor of

I currently host a show on a local-cable channel in my hometown of
Norwood which I think could work on channel 66--and perhaps even on all
of USA Broadcasting's stations--and I would like to send a tape and
related information to Corey Lewis, who I understand has already started
as the general manager of Channel 66.

While I had read that the station will be based out of a facility near
North Station, I don't know if the office portion of this complex is
completed or not.

Thus, I'm asking you to send me an E-Mail, off-list to
<notquite@hotmail.com> , to let me know if the Channel 66 offices have
already moved to this location, and if so, the street address; and if
not, the street address of the current office/transmitter site in
Hudson, as Mr. Lewis may be working there until the broadcast center (or
at least the office part) near North Station is completed.

Thanks in advance for this needed information.

Joseph Gallant
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