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A Question About the 1968 "Heidi Bowl"

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With memories of the 1968 "Heidi Bowl" rekindled by FSNE cutting away
from the BU/St. Lawrence game, perhaps you can answer as question for

Although here in Boston, what became the "Heidi Bowl" (N.Y. Jets @
Oakland, November, 1968) was cut off at exactly 7 P.M. so "Heidi" could
begin on time, I had heard that in New York, the game remained on the
air until conclusion, with WNBC joining "Heidi" in progress about three
minutes into the movie; and that the West Coast also saw the game to
conclusion since due to the time difference, "Heidi" would not air for
another three hours.

Please confirm or deny this, as I had always thought that fans in New
York and the West Coast DID see the climax (Oakland scoring two
touchdowns 20 seconds or so apart!) of that game.

Joseph Gallant
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