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RE: Fast, Frequent, INaccurate

Nancy: Thanks for fixing the traffic bumper! I'm posting this to the Boston
Radio Interest e-mail list to let my fellow radio geeks know that there is
one station in town that is more than just local; it listens to its


Last week I wrote to WMEX to let them know about the seeming error in the
bumper for the traffic reports. Although it must have been meant to say
"Fast, Frequent, AND Accurate," it sounded just like "Fast, Frequent,
INaccurate." The first few dozen times I heard it, I was amused. (I guess
I'm easily amused.) But after that, it just sounded like a mistake that
ought to be fixed. This morning, the bumper is fixed! Nancy had said that
nobody else had complained (which I figured would be the case; who else
besides me would bother?), but the station responded, if only to please one
somewhat eccentric listener. And I feel as if I've made a contribution to
what has already become my favorite station. I think you list that under
"building listener loyalty." And I hope that Nancy puts of copy of this
e-mail into WMEX's public-inspection file.

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