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Re: NERW 3/24: WFAU Loses A Tower, WFNX Gains A State, NERW Visits California's Coast

Dave Markson wrote:

> Adding to this rumor, All Access speculates that Shirley will hire Audrey
> Constant, who just left WPLM. This is getting exciting!


> WBOS (92.9 Brookline) has a new program director, but nobody will need
> to give Shirley Maldonado a tour of her new offices -- until a few
> months ago, she was PD of WBOS' sister station, WSJZ (96.9 Boston).
> It didn't take long for the rumors to begin flying of a WBOS format
> change to WSJZ's old smooth jazz format...

WBOS does seem to be promoting its Earth Day concert pretty heavily. This
says to me, at least, that the rumored "end of March/April 1" debut of a new
format on 92.9 is not going to happen. Greater Media waited until their
smooth jazz summer series was over before completing the switchover to talk
last September.

Now a question (or two): I know that STAR93 debuted last April in order to
build some audience numbers for the next ratings book; what effect could it
have on a new format to wait until late April/early May for a format change?
Or is it even relevant to worry about ratings in that first book?

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