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Re: Tropos

In a message dated 03/24/2000 7:38:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
hopfgapr@sprynet.com writes:

<< I wan't trying to be smug or anything, sorry if I came off that way...
 (I posted before I read subsequent posts explaining the 104.9-105.7
 simulcasts) >>


   no offense taken, ok?   like i said, i'm just a guy who spends way too 
much time in the car on I-95... there's a whole big changing world of radio 
out there that i'm missing.  plus, it's great that we have a list such as 
this one which helps us sort out all of the changes.  it's gettin' tougher to 
tell the players even if you have a scorecard, eh?

have a great weekend!

- -Chuck Igo