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Re: Tropos

In a message dated 03/24/2000 2:11:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
wlnhwbhg@lr.net writes:

<< Until Governor Jean Sheheen recinds the executive order
 issued by Governor Hugh Gallen in 1981 banning my 3,000 songs about people,
 places and things in New Hampshire I will remain silent.  I ain't going back
 to the big house. >>

aw, c'mon Mott.  America and the world deserve the second-coming of "The 
Scumboys".  just think, somebody actually offered ABBA One Billion Dollars... 
 besides, with a name like Jean Sheheen, the iambic pentameter comes far too 

- -Chuck Igo (on drums, Scumboys, 1977)