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Re: Tropos

> << Isn't 105.7 in Campton/Waterville Valley?  >>
> sorry about my confusion.  don't know the actual locations of most of the
> Lakes Region stations (other than WLNH where the demented Hopper rules!
> bring back more music tributes to Meredith!)
>    the last time i heard "live" tune-age & announcers on the 105.7
> bleed-through, it was identified as "The Lakes Region's Oldies Station" or
> some such critter.
> - -Chuck Igo


For a time WLKZ, Gilford,  simulcast their Good Time Great Oldies format on
105.7, Waterville Valley.  Le Tower/Le Station? was sold and it is now  a
simulcast of WXRV The River.

Re: Music Tributes.  Until Governor Jean Sheheen recinds the executive order
issued by Governor Hugh Gallen in 1981 banning my 3,000 songs about people,
places and things in New Hampshire I will remain silent.  I ain't going back
to the big house.