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Re: Nashua Pride Pulls The Plug on Radio

In a message dated 3/23/00 6:17:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, billo@erols.com 

<<  Can't speak for the Lawrence signal, but WCAP's deal with the LMs is
 your traditional arrangement. Everybody wins (and the team ain't bad,
 either!) >>

I am actually surprised that 980 makes money on the Lock Monsters, seeing how 
apathetic fan response has been in Lowell. (I am hearing they are having 
problems getting more than 1,500 to 2,000 fans into the building on a regular 
basis.) And it's definitely the nicest sports arena in the building, save for 
the Fleet -- with good media facilities, too.

Any chance that the Spinners, when/if Bob Ellis ever gives up the p-b-p 
chores, would go to WCAP? That way people in the LaLecheur (sp?) Park might 
actually get to HEAR the games!