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RE: Emergency Preparations

The Pru would have generators by law for the emergency lights and 
elevators.  That does not necessarily mean that they would be supplying the 
transmitters.  It could be the Pru providing the juice or the individual 
lessor on the tower.

Many of the larger theaters that I do have generators.  One (that's now 
closed) had a gennie large enough to power the entire complex including the 
projection system and HVAC plant but had put only the barest of emergency 
lighting needs on it and, oh yeah, all of the video games.  We knew where 
their priorities were...


At 12:07 PM 3/20/00 -0500, Mike Fitzpatrick wrote:

>I think the Pru has to have a backup electrical system by law, because of
>the size of the building and the occupancy.

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