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Re: Field trips

In a message dated 03/17/2000 2:27:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, Sptseditor 

<< Do classes actually make field trips to radio stations anymore? I am 
surprised that companies would still make accomidations. Mr. Igo, can you 
provide us some insight? (I'd be curious to find out how many field trips to 
the Greater Media complex, for example, which is right down the street from 
my house.) >>

I can speak from a "Portland" level that yes, school classes, brownie troops, 
cub scout dens, and even the occasional seniors groups come into the 
buildings and get whoever was available to show them around.  (i was drafted 
by a couple of my stations to do these tours cuz i "have kids".)  using a 
little ingenuity, you can serve two purposes at the same time.  give them a 
tour of the station that ends up in the production studio, where you have a 
simple script outlined for each of the kids to read a line (if it's a bigger 
group, two or three kids read a line together).  six or seven "splices" 
later, you have a 30 second psa extolling the fun of (fill in the group's 
activity here).  you give the parent or chaperone a cassette copy, and put 
the other in the carted psa rack in the studio.  run it in rotation with the 
other carted psa's and you have variety, plus the local kids get to be 
  as to Greater Boston Radio, I can only refer you to the amazing David 
Aucoin and inquire about the availability of a tour at the new facility.  At 
Stuart St, I did do a couple of Cub Scout tours, and had the kids do some 
"personality" liners for my Saturday night request thing we were doing at the 
time on WBCS/WKLB.
    the main number for the GBRG is 617 822 9600.  ask for Dave.  Tell him 
the "Igonator" sent you. 

- -Chuck Igo (WROR)