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Re: a boy for Knoy?

Ah yes!Thanks for the info! I remember her as the type
who would probably become an actress or something,
and it looks like the media has indeed turned out to
be her career.

Interesting when you grow up with someone (or know
them somehow) and they become famous, or at least
semi-famous. Some WMWM alumni (Salem State Radio):

--Chris Kennedy (WFNX DJ)
--Angie Creeden (WFNX DJ)
--Mark Parisi  (Cartoonist, "Off the Mark")
--Keith Knight (Cartoonist, "The K Chronicles")
--Laurie Gail   (WFNX DJ)
--Bob Machado  (Intern/producer, Sportsfan Radio

--- "David W. Harris" <dwh@totalnetnh.net> wrote:

> Yesterday I saw a member of Ms. Knoy's family who
> confirmed that
> although Laura graduated from Keene High, she spent
> her Wonder Years in
> Nahant.

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