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Re: NERW 10/1/99--1060, 650

Joe Ross wondered:
> Didn't 1060 once have a nighttime signal?
Yes, it did, but that was a long time ago at a transmitter site
far, far away :-)

Dan will no doubt chime in here with all the technical details, but
the 24-hour 1060 operation began at some point in the early 
1980s when what was then WGTR moved from 1000 ND-D at its 
original site in South Natick to a new five-tower array on
Sewell St. in Ashland.  

As we know, it later became WTTP and then WBIV.  When the WBIV
folks bought the 890 Dedham CP (WBMA) from Family Radio, they decided
to use the Ashland site for 890 and sell the 1060 license -- but
not the transmitter facilities.  So after a brief period of
890 days/1060 nights, 1060 went dark (for good, many of us thought).

When Langer bought 1060, he revived it as a 250-watt ND-D diplexed
off the WKOX sticks.

So why not return 1060 to diplexing off the 890 array?  My understanding
is that it's a very unstable array that's a nightmare to tune on 
just one frequency, never mind two as close together as 1060 and 
890 -- which isn't stopping Langer from proposing 2000 watts DA-D 
off that array for 650.

Is there any suburban market that's gotten as screwed up over the
last few years as MetroWest?  What a disaster area for AM!