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Re: WSRO (CJMS-1280)

There is definitely an AM 1280 in the province of 
Quebec, somewhere not too far from Montreal. That 
station (I know neither its calls nor COL) took over 
CJMS's allocation, although I think it operates with 10 
kW--not 50. I believe (but am not sure) that CFMB moved 
to FM. My guess is that it did so within the past 18 
months, because last winter (or was it two winters ago?) 
when the ice storm felled CJAD's towers, CJAD operated 
for a while on 1410 using CFMB's former facilities, 
which were still intact. CJAD management was not 
satisfied with the service that the 1410 signal provided 
to what remains of Montral's Anglophone community. So 
after a few weeks, CJAD leased the AM 990 frequency 
until the 800 facilities could be rebuilt.

I don't know what CJMS's format was, but many years ago, 
CFMB was, if I recall, a bilingual beautiful-music 
> Speaking of defunct canadian AMs, what happened to CJMS 1280?  It's now
> CFMB (multicultural).  CFMB used to be at 1450 or something like that.
> When I was in Montreal 5 years ago, 1280 was silent and CFMB was still at
> it's old position.  
> WHo remembers CJMS?  What was it's format?  I assume it was pop music -
> Jams 1280 maybe?