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Re: WBZ w/Xmtr Problems?

Trouble receiving BZ in Quincy but no trouble picking it 
up where I live in Arlington? That's an almost certain 
indication that BZ is transmitting from the auxilliary 
10-kW TX and ND antenna at 1170 Soldiers' Field Rd. If 
BZ were transmitting from Hull, even 50W (never mind 50 
kW) would boom into Quincy. With half-wave towers, a 
directional pattern that favors Quincy, and salt water 
almost all the way, the signal in Quincy and along the 
South Shore should be excellent with very little power.

My guess is that the reason for using the auxilliary is 
long-deferred tower maintenance. Remember, the towers 
were to be replaced over a year ago, but Uncle Mel 
decided that maintaining his wallet took precedence. 
Surrounded by salt water, as they are, those 60-year-old 
towers need pretty frequent painting. If they aren't 
going to be replaced for the foreseeable future, those 
towers have GOT to be painted. Of course, Mel's idea 
could be to wait for a hurricane or ice storm and let 
the insurance carrier pay for new towers.
> Ooh, I knew something was wrong because I have been having BIG trouble 
> getting WBZ in Quincy and on the south shore this past few days... anyone 
> called Peter Casey yet and asked him?