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Re: Digital TV Conversion

That's still government funding.  The fees on TV owners are manadatory and 
imposed by law and that law could always be repealed.  You do make a good 
point that the BBC is not dependent on an annual appropriation like public 
broadcasting is in this country so they are more protected from political 
pressure, though still dependent on government funds.

You are also correct on your comment on ITN.  My point was that you should 
never point to England, or Canada for that matter, as good examples of a free 

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

In a message dated 10/11/99 11:39:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
dwh@totalnetnh.net writes:

<< but domestic operations are mostly funded by
 owners of TV receivers.  The Beeb can directly collect these funds,
 although that chore is now contracted out to a private firm. >>