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Re: Tropo (is it still going on?)

A couple of weeks ago, me and a friend of mine were
parked on Mass Ave, several blocks from the Prudential
Center, and I noticed a lot of bleeding coming from
the site. WROR(105.7) seemed to be the dominator for
noise. I know that this normal, but for those that
live in that neighborhood, it must be a nightmare!
BTW..why does WROR sound so over processed? I noticed
a lot of compression and excessive clipping! Is new
processing in the works? They always sounded so good. 

Roy Lawrence
Portland, Maine
A (proud) FORMER Fuller/Jeffery employee...
Now a pro on the loose!:) 

--- Sven Weil <sven@lily.org> wrote:
> For roughly the past month or so, FM reception in
> New York City has been
> absolutely atrocious.  Could there still be any
> atmospheric disturbances
> going on that are messing up with the FM?  I know
> it's not my radio
> because I talked to my cousin and he's getting the
> same intense static and
> stations bleeding over each other on the dial (like
> hearing 93.1 on 101.9,
> etc.).  Either that or how are we doing on sunspots?
>  Can someone explain
> the whole sunspot cycle to me?  thanks...  Is the
> same thing happening up
> in Boston and the rest of New England?  (I say
> Boston first because there
> are as many FM signals up there as there are down
> here).
> --
> Sven F. Weil
> e-mail: sven@lily.org
> World Wide Web: http://www.lily.org/~sven


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