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Expos radio-TV

perhaps someone in Montreal or Vermont can shed some light on this
(from Montreal Gazette)
There is more bad news: CIQC wants to dump the Expos when they move to their
all-news format, and CJAD has shown little interest in the Expos in the
past, although with the diminished performance of the Habs, there should be
little conflict - the Canadiens will be out in the spring before the Expos
begin play. With some concessions from the Expos (the Canadiens would have
to take precedence when there are schedule conflicts) CJAD might be

There is some good news: one of my Boston spies talked to Red Sox owner John
Harrington recently. Harrington said 1) the Expos are staying in Montreal
and 2) the Red Sox have given permission for a northern Vermont TV station
to broadcast Expos games.

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