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RE: Traffic (AKA...can't get there from here)

That is incorrect about Rte 128...

Rte 128 ENDS at the Braintree Split. Between Canton and Braintree (East by
the compass), you're on Rte 128 South, I-93 and US 1 North.

The I-95 signs were placed on Rte 128 between Canton and Peabody because the
Feds said either that or I-95 goes thru Boston (Original Plan, thru Milton,
Mattapan, Roxbury, hook up with existing X-Way at Mass Ave, follow the
Current Rt 1 via the Tobin thru Chelsea and Revere, and then go thru Lynn).

Lynn (believe it or not) and Milton said no way in 1969-70, and (then) Gov.
Sargent agreed.

As a life-long Gtr Boston resident (though the last 9 yrs in So. NH), the
128 signs will stay.

BTW: The Rte 1 signs USED to be on Storrow Drive to Kenmore Sq, but so many
Truckers followed the Rte 1 signs (but ironically enough NOT the low
overhead signs) to their peril...crunch...that Rte 1 now follows Rte 95-128
Dedham to Canton, Rte 93-128 Canton to Braintree, and Rte 93-3 into the city
on what will always be called the X-Way, no matter how many route numbers
the assign it!

Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH...
Who takes the X-way to Rte 128 to the Blue Hills exit to visit mom!

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> Garrett Wollman <wollman@khavrinen.lcs.mit.edu> wrote:
> > The *real* irritating thing (for me at least) is that Shadow has Land
> > Boulevard and Memorial Drive confused.
> Speaking of traffic confusion, everyone seems to have Route 128
> and I-93 confused.  Route 128 South legally ends at the I-95 split
> near the Amtrak station in Canton, and becomes I-93 North.
> I believe this route designation was forced upon us by the US
> government, who wants most of 128 to be known as I-95.   Most of
> 128's signs now refer to the Interstate route number, and frequently
> 128 is missing from the signs completely.
> Of course, good Massachusetts citizens have refused to listen to
> the feds and continue to call 128 by its God-given name.  :)
> My question is, at what point will traffic reporters have to bite the
> bullet and report on the real route numbers?  For people who are
> new to Boston, it must be hard to understand why the tieup on 128
> near Braintree is on a non-existent route.  I've sometimes given
> directions to "get on 128 North" only to be told "I can't find it."
> On the other hand, most people who have lived here for a while
> couldn't tell you where the junction of I-95 and the Mass Pike is,
> and certainly wouldn't understand "a slowdown on 93 South as you
> approach 95 North in Canton."
> I wonder how it will eventually work out.
> Mark Laurence
> laurence@sprintmail.com