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Re: 87.7 FM in Portland,ME & WCSH NEWS

<<On Mon, 4 Oct 1999 14:42:45 -0400 (EWT), Sven Weil <sven@lily.org> said:

> All of these areas use the NTSC method of TV transmission/reception.

Actually, `NTSC' refers specifically to the committee which developed
our system of color transmission.  The official ITU name for the 6-MHz
525-line TV system used in the US and Japan and other places is
`System M'.  However, not all countries which use System M use NTSC
color (one of the South American countries uses PAL color); not all
countries which use NTSC color use System M (another of the South
American countries uses 625-line luminance with NTSC color); and not
all countries use the same channelization plan (e.g., Japan: the
Japanese FM band is below channel 5).


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