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Re: Judi Paparelli

Hey, maybe if the Egan/Barnicle experiment doesn't work, 96.9 could pick up her
show.  Or even better, run her on tape delay from noon til 2 and ditch the
ponderous Stacy Taylor.  Just a thought from the trenches....

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:

> in response to the "where did judi go" questions...
> as posted on AllAccess Net News  20 Sep 99:
> <<Former WROR/BOSTON talk talent JUDI PAPARELLI has just landed a daily talk
> show (10-noon) on TALK AMERICA beginning tomorrow (9/21).>>
> from what i understand, the show is nationally syndicated.  whether or not
> it's available over the web, i'm not sure.  (the talk america web sked
> doesn't list it...yet)
> good luck to Judi.  nice lady.  and she loves to talk.  (now, will she get
> used to sleeping in that late?  probably.  <g>)
> - -chuck igo