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Re: Shaughnessy, Ryan & Borges banned from Big Show

On 'SJZ's early midday show, Shaughnessy claimed that he 'quit' on Tuesday
before The Globe's management imposed 'Big Show Ban' on Wed. thru an
internal memo. 

Supposedly, the thought of his teenage son listening to him
on the Big Show crossed his mind one day. He felt very embarassed by
what is heard from 2-6pm on that station. At that point, he decided
that he would never let his son listen to the Big Show again and  so he walked out. 

On the 'SJZ show, he tried to distance himself from his employer's decision.
Whatta load of PC crap, if you ask me!

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Bill Decker
Media Consultant

On Sat, 18 Sep 1999 03:27:35   Donna Halper wrote:
>So what's with Dan Shaughnessy, Bob Ryan and Ron Borges being forbidden by 
>the Globe from being on WEEI's "The Big Show" with Glenn Ordway?  Do any of 
>you know anything more about what brought this about?  

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