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Re: TV-13/33 LP Nashua NH

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999 01:47:26 -0400 "A. Joseph Ross"
<lawyer@world.std.com> writes:
>> Low Power Channel 13 & 33 in Nashua may go off air due to fallen ad
>> revenue after cable company drops coverage.  What happend to "Must

This has been covered extensively by the Nashua and Manchester papers, as
well as AP.

As I understand it, the cable system which has the Nashua franchise (city
proper) plans to continue carrying
Ch. 13 & 33 as long as they are available.  It is the cable system based
in Londonderry, which covers many towns surrounding Nashua, which has
given notice to discontinue the signals.  The incoming Londonderry
franchise owner is inheriting an old system with limited capacity and the
availability of some Massachusetts over-the-air signal (which they "must
carry") means they have to drop something else.  They chose to drop the
LPTV stations in Nashua.

Gordon Jackson, the LPTV owner, says without the Londonderry
system--especially the surrounding towns--he won't be able to get the
advertising revenue he needs to continue operating.  

It sounds like a tough case of everybody following the rules which aren't
flexible enough.

Ed Brouder
Man From Mars Productions

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