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Re: wrong call letters

> In a message dated 9/14/99 7:26:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> john@minutemancomm.com writes:
> << .so who cares.. right? >>
> i guess the people who  a) pay my salary    b) me, cuz it's like
> the phone at Jordan Marsh by saying "thank you for calling Sears
> chuck igo

Then, there are the callers who, in the course of the conversation,
drop names of other stations and/or talent.  I once asked a caller if
he'd consider standing in line at Burger King and ask for a Big Mac or
even get going a boastful conversation on the topic of Egg McMuffins.
Actually, it seems that hearing other stations calls on other stations
is more common than in the past - but, call me old fashioned.  If they
want a mention, let 'em buy one!  Sales on line two!

Bill O'Neill